Netizens Joke about Manuel Roxas ‘Taking a Vacation’ after Woman Withdraws Faceless Money from ATM

A woman withdrew some money from an ATM but was surprised to see that the Php100 bills did not have the printed photo of Manuel Roxas. This sparked various jokes after she posted the photos on social media.

The woman who goes by the name ‘Earla Anne Yehey’ on Facebook shared photos of the faceless money, also taking a snapshot of the BPI ATM where she got the money from; she tagged BPI as well as Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on her post.

While the matter was a bit serious, considering that paper bills should always have complete details, this is most likely a matter of production mistake that skipped the watchful eye of quality control at BSP.

Photo credit: Earla Anne Yehey / Facebook

But netizens had fun with the post, making jokes about the situation and not really much concerned that the money might not be valid. Of course, Earla could easily have it changed at the BSP or at the bank, perhaps, but that would be a little hassle especially considering that she wanted to give the money to her godchildren for Christmas.

Some netizens ‘chided’ her for complaining about Roxas’ disappearance, saying it’s the Christmas season after all. Perhaps the hero was out vacationing with friends or attending family reunions.

Others joked that Roxas has the right to take a rest for a while after his busy schedule and being on the paper bill for decades.

Some also said he was probably out looking for some Bitcoins or something else.

Photo credit: Earla Anne Yehey / Facebook

But others were a bit serious on the post, blaming the government agency for the error. Others advised Earla to keep the money as it could fetch a lot from money collectors.

As of press time, BPI and BSP have launched separate investigations on the matter.

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