Mother Used 6-Year-Old Daughter to Pay for 2 Months’ Worth of Taxi Fare

Down on her luck and needing to feed her three kids, one mom did the unthinkable by using her 6-year-old daughter to pay for 2 months’ worth of taxi fare so she can find her relatives. But as she didn’t have luck finding them, she eventually lost her daughter to the taxi driver.

Now an adult, the daughter has asked help from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) so she could finally find her long-lost mom.

Twenty eight-year-old Yuki, half-Japanese and half-Filipina, recalls that fateful day in 1996 when her mother used her to pay for taxi fare to a certain Mang Ramon who would eventually become her surrogate dad for a couple of years.

According to Yuki, she was the eldest of the three daughters of Debbie Lopez Garcia who got deported from her work as entertainer in Japan. At the airport, the family rode a cab. Their mother made a deal with the driver that she would give him Php20,000 in exchange for help in finding her relatives.

Photo credit: Yuki / GMA News

But months passed and they were not able to find her relatives. Debbie also ran out of money. She surrendered Chimmy, her youngest daughter, to the DSWD and later used Yuki to pay the cab driver. Yuki is not sure about the fate of the middle child, Shoe.

It was in the living room of Mang Ramon’s home that her mother wrote the contract but it seemed that she never found her other relatives or further slipped deeper in debt because she never came back for Yuki.

Growing up, Yuki had a difficult life; although Mang Ramon was kind and was even proud to brag about his Japanese ‘daughter’. Eventually, she ran away to live with friends. As a troubled kid, she tried to make ends meet on her own and would eventually have three kids.

It was her eldest child who gave her the idea of trying to find her mother, not just to search for answers but to give her kids a semblance of home. She was able to retrieve her personal belongings from Mang Ramon before the latter died this October.

Through KMJS, she was able to find her Lola Rosita and Tita Minica – and would learn that her mother’s name wasn’t really Debbie but Rowena. She learned that it was Minica who cared for her as a kid before Debbie/Rowena took her back to Japan. The family hasn’t heard from Debbie/Rowena since then but they are hoping they could still find her.

We are looking forward to their reunion as well as finding out what happened to Yuki’s other sisters.

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