Melissa Ricks Embraces Responsibilities of Being a Mom, Considers “Luho” as Thing of the Past

When Melissa Ricks became a mother, she knew she had to make a lot of adjustments, including priorities on financial matters and embracing responsibilities. Melissa believes motherhood is a continuous learning process but she’s proud of herself being someone she never thought she would be.

Melissa gave birth to her firstborn, Kiera Kelly, on January 12, 2015. She admitted she wasn’t prepared for the responsibilities that go with it as a mom but then was happy she was able to make it through.

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During the media launch of Philips MOM for Moms, a campaign that empowers and educates expectant mothers in the Philippines, Melissa shared to PEP what she had gone through when she became a mother.

Melissa stayed in the U.S. for a year and 4 months. She said it was really hard for her especially that she was used to having someone do stuff for her like washing clothes, taking care of her baby and running errands. She felt like suddenly, she had to learn everything all at once.

Photo: mellyricks09/Instagram

Without a “yaya” in the U.S., she added that she was hands-on to her daughter and did everything for Kiera all by herself. But then, she claimed that embracing those responsibilities had helped her grow as a person which she became proud of.

Aside from doing the chores, Melissa shared that she had learned to wisely handle her finances and learned to value money. She claimed not giving in to buying expensive things like shoes and bags, opting instead to prioritize her daughter’s needs and save for her education in the future.

In fact, she claimed she can no longer recall the last time she bought something for herself. It wasn’t even a bag or shoes, she said she just bought make-up. “Luho” for her is a thing of the past and she now sets a budget for everything.

Photo: mellyricks09/Instagram

Melissa also shared that she’s not buying new clothes and shoes anymore as she has lots of it the time she was still active in showbiz. She even said she just needs a pair of rubber shoes, sandals, and a footwear for daily use.

On top of it all, the Kapamilya actress claimed she had learned how to appreciate all the things that she has. She knew God had given her daughter Kiera to give meaning to her life which she will be forever grateful for.

She concluded that motherhood had taught her so many things which had changed her to become a better person.

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