Unnamed Man Goes Viral for Feeding Street Kids, Having Fun with Them While Eating

A lot of people these days give out to the needy to earn praise on social media but there are others who do it out of the kindness of their hearts, without asking for anything in return, and not to post about their deeds on Facebook.

One guy did that at a Jollibee store. And though he did not post about the deed on social media and did not even appear to take photos of the moment, another diner spotted his kind act and took the video which would make this big-hearted man a big hit on Facebook – and he wasn’t even aware of it at all!

Photo credit: Patrisha Capillan / Facebook

This unnamed guy was spotted by Patrisha Capillan while she was dining at Jollibee with her boyfriend.

Patrisha took notice of the guy because he was bringing a tray with a rather large order even if he was alone. It left her wondering, could he really finish all that food?

But the answer to that question was quite touching. As soon as he placed the food on the table, the man got out of the store to call some street kids in. He could have chosen to place them in another table while he ate his food but, no, the man actually dined with the kids and had fun talking with them.

The unnamed man would smile at the kids and appeared to be genuinely concerned with what they were telling him that it touched Patrisha’s heart to watch the scene. Had she not known that those were street kids (it was obvious in their clothes, anyway), she might have thought this guy was the kids’ dad by the way he interacted with them.

Photo credit: Patrisha Capillan / Facebook

In the middle of the meal, one of the kids stopped eating and folded the box. When asked, the kid told the man that he was saving the remainder of the meal for his mother. This touched the man so much that he got up to buy extra food for the kids’ parents so they wouldn’t have to stop eating so they can bring some food home.

Impressed by the man’s kind deed, Patrishia took a video of the moment and shared it on social media where it went viral. People praised this man for being kindhearted and for making these kids happy.

Watch the short clip taken by Patrishia:

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