Kris Aquino Reveals Short-Lived Romance with Mayor Herbert Bautista, Refuses Herbert’s Wedding Proposal in January 2017

Frank, straight-forward, honest, tactless, loud. This is how many describe the “Queen of All Media”, Kris Aquino. Known for her honest opinions and thoughts, Kris was among those celebrities who were misunderstood because of sharing what she actually feels.

In fact, her love life has always been an open book and her failed relationships were among those being feasted on by bashers and detractors on social media.

Photo: krisaquino/Instagram

Of all the past relationships that she had, Kris was very vocal about her short-lived romance with Quezon City’s mayor, Herbert “Bistek” Bautista. The two had been friends since they started working together for different movie projects in the 1980s until love found its way to blossom.

Sad though, their love story didn’t last that long. However, after Kris and Bistek had separated ways, they’d still managed to maintain their friendship.

Kris claimed to be in good terms with Herbert on Philippine Ultimate Showbiz Hub unlike other men in her previous relationships.

“No–I’m not hung up on him anymore. We’ve made our PEACE. And that happened because of his maturity, not mine. The most remarkable thing is–we really are FRIENDS. We have honest & open conversations, we can vent to each other when one feels burdened with stress, and we just accept each other for all we are, and all we aren’t.”

Kris also appreciated the fact that Herbert openly admitted their relationship until they had separated ways. Kris also said that she admired him for maintaining ties with her and her family and proved everybody wrong about his intentions.

Photo: krisaquino/Instagram

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with People Asia Magazine, Kris surprised the public when she divulged that Herbert made a wedding proposal in April 2014 but canceled it a month before their wedding.  The reason of which, she did not elaborate.

However, Herbert proposed again in January 2017 which she then turned down not because she wanted to get even but because she realized that her responsibilities with her children are her priority above her personal happiness.

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