Jennylyn Mercado Claims She’s Not in a Rush to Get Married

Jennylyn Mercado played the leading lady of Derek Ramsay in the movie “All of You”, one of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival on December 25. In the said movie, Jennylyn’s portrays the character of a woman who is eager to get married.

Photo: mercadojenny/Instagram

During the last presscon of the movie, PEP was able to ask Jennylyn if she can relate her role in the movie to real life.

According to Jennylyn, she doesn’t have plans of getting married anytime soon because she still wants to accomplish so many things. She clarified that it never went to her thoughts as she wanted to focus on her son who still needs her as he’s very young.

On the other hand, it was also clear to Jennylyn that Dennis Trillo should be the one to propose marriage. But then, she said they were not yet on the stage of discussing future wedding plans.

Photo: mercadojenny/Instagram

Jennylyn knows how important it is to have a lifetime partner but she claimed she is used to being alone so she’s not really in a rush to get married. When asked if she sees herself getting married to Dennis in the future, she didn’t give a definite answer but she said that they were enjoying each other’s company.

Recently, Jennylyn shared some photos with Dennis on social media where they were seen happy with the relationship.

Photo: mercadojenny/Instagram
Photo: mercadojenny/Instagram

Meanwhile, Jennylyn confirmed that her son, Jazz is close to Dennis and he enjoys playing with him every time Dennis visits their home. Jazz calls Dennis, “Tito”.

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