Janica Floresca Reveals ‘Truth’ about the ***** of Boyfriend Franco Hernandez

The ***** of Hashtag Franco Hernandez has shocked the showbiz world but his girlfriend, Janica Nam Floresca, has new revelations a month after it happened.

Some days ago, Janica posted a cryptic message about how the ‘truth’ about the ***** of her boyfriend would come out. This surprised netizens as many had already known that Franco (also nicknamed Mico) died in a drowning incident while he, Janica, and their friend Hashtag Tom Doromal went on a vacation in Don Marcelino, Davao Occidental where Tom’s family owns a resort.

So, what really happened?

Photo credit: @janicanam / Instagram

In an exclusive interview granted to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) by Janica and Franco’s parents, Raul and Marissa Lumanlan, Janica recounted what happened during that fateful moment.

It was a rainy day at the time; thus, instead of pushing through with their plan to go to a waterfall, Tom suggested they visit an island with white beach. Franco and Janica protested at first, telling Tom they both don’t know how to swim but he assured them that it was alright because they won’t go somewhere deep.

Janica said she was unsure whether Tom’s family owned the boat they road but he knew the boatmen.

In previous reports, the boatmen claimed they offered the couple life vests which they refused to wear but Janica revealed that there were no life vests on board or if there were any, they weren’t offered the life-saving device.

The trip to White Sand Island was uneventful and the group had fun there but the trip back to the mainland was a different thing. At first, the boatmen tried to suggest that they split the group but eventually decided to just take them all after Tom asked if they could fit.

Strong waves hit the boat, flooding it. According to Janica, the boatmen told them to jump but while Franco did as they were told, she tried to stay on the sinking boat. When she jumped, she was able to hold on to a boatman and Franco was holding on to her but they were hit by a strong wave, causing them to separate.

It was at this point that Janica felt the others abandoning them – even the boatmen swam away although they later claimed they just wanted to get ahead to get a rescue team together.

Photo credit: @janicanam / Instagram

Struggling in the waters for about 30 minutes, Janica said she eventually accepted her fate and knew that they were going to die. She could hear Franco yelling and she shouted back, “Love, laban lang!” (Love, keep fighting!)

One of the boatmen came back to rescue them, taking her first and Franco holding on to her but he was pulling them down and Janica said she felt weak and repeatedly kept throwing seawater up. Franco was already unconscious when they reached the shore.

Instead of rushing them to the hospital, however, Tom brought them to his house where a nurse tended to Franco. He died at Tom’s house but Janica insisted that they bring him to the hospital.

Franco’s mom said the events following the botched ‘rescue’ efforts were ‘very crucial’.

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