Janica Claims She’s Wearing Personalized Necklace with Mico’s Bone and Hair

It has been weeks since the untimely ***** of Franco “Mico” Hernandez but it seems that his girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca still has to come terms with his passing. She’s been posting a number of messages for Mico, even promising at one point that the ‘truth’ about his untimely ***** would be revealed soon.

Of course, it is natural for Janica to grieve so much and find it hard to move on, especially because she was present at the time when Mico met the accident at sea and eventually died of drowning. In fact, she was among those who also fell to the waters before they were saved by the boatmen from their tour group.

But netizens were alarmed after Janica posted a photo of a necklace which she claimed to contain Mico’s bone and hair.

Photo credit: @janicanamf / Instagram

Did she really take some crushed bits of bones and hair from Mico’s cremated body to put inside this necklace? If that was the case, then she probably had the permission from Mico’s parents; after all, you just can’t take part of the cremated body without the family’s permission and then post it on social media for everyone to see, right?

While the necklace raised a lot of questions in netizens’ minds, many also feel that this was just too much. Superstitious netizens think Mico wouldn’t be able to rest in peace because Janica is holding on to some part of him and not letting him go but others think it was rather creepy for her to do it, saying she would surely find it much harder to move on.

Several netizens also pointed out that considering she’s still quite young, Janica would surely find another man to love. What happens to the Mico necklace, then?

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