Homeless Veteran Whose Pension was Taken by Relatives, Finally Gets Rescued after Story Goes Viral

Just a few days ago, the sad fate of Ret MSgt Narciso “Tatay Isok” Alpas shocked netizens after it was revealed that the retired soldier has been living in the streets because his relatives abandoned him. What’s worse is that the relatives were the ones claiming his pension, leaving him penniless and at the mercy of people kind enough to hand him some alms in the streets.

See – Retired Soldier Lives in the Streets after Heartless Relatives Claimed His Monthly Pension

Thanks to the post going viral, Tatay Isok has finally found the help he needed to get out the streets and have a better life.

Photo credit: Philippine Air Force / Facebook

In a post on Facebook page Samahan ng mga Retired at Active NCO-AFP Survivors Atbp. (SARANCO Atbp), photos were shared of Tatay Isok enjoying a good meal and finally smiling as he received a haircut.

His wounds were also cleaned and treated; although we think he would be brought to a medical facility for better assessment of his condition, not just because he had been living in the streets for a long time and has a lot of wounds to treat but also because it has been reported that he is now suffering from a mental condition.

Photo credit: Philippine Air Force / Facebook

Perhaps he might have been greatly affected by his work in the army and being in wars but it was also likely that his condition got worse as he lived in the streets without enjoying even his basic needs.

We are hopeful that he will finally get to enjoy his pension and that someone will always see to it that he gets his much-needed medications so that he can get better, mentally and physically.

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