Heavily Tattooed ‘Cop’ in Road Rage Incident Angers Netizens Who Think He’s Just Impersonating a Policeman

It is sad that there are a lot of persons in authority who ***** their power just to get their way but there are also many people who try to impersonate persons in authority for the same reason!

Netizens believe that is what happened in the road rage incident involving private citizens and a heavily tattooed man riding a car with police stickers and ‘wang wang’ (sirens).

Photo credit: Pinky Timbang Ortiz / Facebook

Pinky Timbang Ortiz, the private citizen, narrated on Facebook how she and her companion were forced to stop because of a jeepney that suddenly stopped in front of their vehicle but that was when the ‘police vehicle’ pushed closer, seemingly ramming their vehicle for a supposed traffic violation of ‘running the red light’.

Around 6:48pm earlier, we were driving along Mckinley Parkway (heading towards SM Aura) and crossing Bonifacio Avenue. When we were almost across the street, the jeepney in front of us stopped so we had to stop as well.

Then this white Toyota Fortuner wanting to turn right to Mckinley Parkway from Bonifacio Avenue, forced his vehicle towards us to the point that I (on the passenger side) was surprised because his bumper was already just about an inch away from us.

So my reaction was to open my window and showed him a puzzled face on how he expects to pass through us when obviously our car is already halfway ahead.

His bumper was directly in front of my window. It was as if he was intentionally trying to ram us. Then he honked his horn and even turned on his “wangwang.” I saw his PNP commemorative plate and thought maybe he has an emergency.

Photo credit: Pinky Timbang Ortiz / Facebook

But when were able to move forward he tried to overtake us and put down his window. That’s when we knew he was just an a**hole.

We asked him “Anong problema mo?”

And he said “You ran a red light! Gusto mo dalin ko kayo sa presinto?!” (with an American accent).

Then we shouted “Hindi kami nag-run ng red light! Anong presinto?!”

He kept repeating “Gusto nyo dalin ko kayo sa presinto?”

And while he was talking, that’s when I took those pictures. #puliskabatalaga #privateplatewithwangwang #bakitmokamibabanggain #anonggagawinnatinsapresinto #pasikatinnatinsya #americanaccentkasi

The angry ‘policeman’ threatened to bring them to the police station but they were a bit unsure whether he was really a cop since he spoke with an American accent. Netizens also pointed out that he was too heavily tattooed to be a cop. Do you agree?

Photo credit: Pinky Timbang Ortiz / Facebook

He did have police stickers all over his vehicle, a commemorative police plate, and what appears to be a policeman’s bull cap but netizens still think he’s just impersonating a cop. If that’s the case, then he is in bigger trouble because impersonating a person in authority, such as a policeman, is against the law!

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