Gorgeous Cop Earns Admiration for Being the Only Woman in the PNP’s SWAT Training

Recently, a gorgeous police officer went viral not just for her stunning beauty but also because she’s among the strongest, bravest women in the world as she takes part in the SWAT training for the Philippine National Police (PNP).

What makes PO3 Minerva Ramos from PRO 11, Davao City extra special is that she is the only female trainee under PNP S.W.A.T. CL-39-2017 “ALAKDAN” – and everyone knows just how difficult SWAT training can be as the training program is supposed to create an elite team to deal with ‘special’ situations.

Photo credit: BuhayLespu / Facebook

But many netizens did not just admire PO3 Minerva for being the only woman undergoing SWAT training in her class, a lot also expressed admiration over her beauty. After all, there’s this mistaken notion that women in the police force and military are tomboys – and that beautiful women are better off joining pageants. We’re glad we no longer live in the dark ages and that beautiful ladies like PO3 Minerva get to work in jobs previously only held by men!

Photo credit: BuhayLespu / Facebook

After the post went viral, a lot of netizens made jokes about being ready to get ******** so long as she will be the one to take them to jail. Others said they would readily call the cops to do a ‘tokhang’ at their house, with ‘tokhang’ being the Philippine police’s method of knocking at the homes of suspected drug users and dealers to ask them to surrender and change their ways.

Photo credit: BuhayLespu / Facebook

This police officer is ready to catch criminals but she’s also stealing hearts with her gorgeous looks and admirable qualities. Should she be ********, too? LOL.

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