Fresh Graduate in Coma after Accident, Wakes Up in Time to Take (and Pass!) the Teachers’ Board Exams

A fresh graduate has earned much praise on social media after showing surprising resilience after being in a coma for days. She woke up just in time to barely prepare for the teachers’ board exams which she would later pass on her first take!

Ellen Vida Santos hails from Pres. Quirino, a town in Sultan Kudarat, southern Philippines.

According to a post on All about the Philippines, Santos met an accident that left her comatose for 10 days. The accident would also leave her confined for a month at the hospital, something that troubled the young lady who had just graduated from her course in Education.

Photo credit: All about the Philippines / Facebook

After undergoing various surgeries, she was in comatose for 10 days but woke up just in time to prepare for the board exams just a month away. Due to her ordeal, she was not able to undergo the necessary review for the exams.

Others in a similar situation might have given up on their dreams or put the exams on hold, knowing how difficult it would surely be to focus on the exam questions and get the right answers after all that she had been through just a few weeks before yet Santos was determined to give it a shot.

Photo credit: All about the Philippines / Facebook

Even knowing she had a lesser chance of passing the board exams than her peers who were able to go through the review classes and are healthy as they took the tests, Santos still did not give up. Instead, she prayed to God for guidance, leaving her fate to His hands.

So, news of her passing the licensure exams greatly surprised Santos. Her story would also go viral on social media, with many people admiring her extraordinary resilience in being able to bounce back so fast after the life-threatening ordeal she experienced.

Photo credit: All about the Philippines / Facebook

Congratulations, Ma’am Ellen Vida Santos! You are a great inspiration to us all.