Former Child Star Chantal Umali Shares How She Became Fit and Sexy from Being Fat and Flabby

Do you still remember former child star Chantal Umali who said the famous line, “Goodbye, Carlo” in a hotdog commercial in the late ’90s?

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Having been chubby all throughout her showbiz career, more when she became a mother, Chantal came to a point where she no longer felt happy being overweight. She then shared her secret so moms like her would get inspired for there is still hope in getting back in shape.

Every mother would probably agree that it’s quite hard to shed off the weight which was acquired during pregnancy. Based on studies, women gain an average of 25-35 lbs or more within that period. Chantal knows this for a fact as she had been there and became successful in shedding them off.

When Chantal had her first baby, Elliana, her weight had gone to 182 lbs. She then became challenged to trim down her weight so she began yoga in 2012 and had lost 60 lbs.

Photo: Chantal Umali/Instagram

However, getting fit doesn’t happen over time. Chantal claimed there came a point when she felt like she had done everything but she remained fat and flabby.

In an interview with, Chantal shared that she had been doing exercise and was trying not too eat much. But it wasn’t producing the results that she wanted because she still had a big belly and big thighs that she began accepting she would be fat all the rest of her life.

Come February, Chantal tried a non-invasive treatment at a slimming center which she claimed had helped trim down her waist from 28 to 25 inches and the size of her clothes from size 8 to size 2. At first, she admitted she was skeptical but then as days went by, she had been seeing remarkable and visible results.

Now, Chantal only weighs 108 lbs.

Photo: Chantal Umali/Instagram

She then reminded moms like her to take care of themselves to become healthy and fit not only for them but for their children as well. It’s not also bad to splurge on oneself once in a while.

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