Fearless Nadine Lustre Ignores Bashers; “You Will Always See Me Up but Never Down”

No celebrity becomes exempted from ******* and negative publicities. As they say, good or bad publicity is still publicity; so all of them had dealt with it in different ways which sometimes reveal their true identity and character.

For one celebrity as tough as Nadine Lustre, she had dealt with negative publicities with strength and resilience. As such, she knew very well that she cannot please everybody so she remained true to herself even if she was already being misunderstood.

Photo: nadine/Instagram

Nadine knows what battles to pick and when she had to remain silent.

When netizens bashed her on social media when she posted her photo wearing a bikini, Nadine chose to just ignore their negative comments. She emphasized that she will not let anyone dictate what she wanted to post and share on her account.

“I don’t want people to think na I’m pakawala, but I’m never going to be santa-santita. I’m not a saint.”

Photo: nadine/Instagram

Nadine also claimed that there were those who asked her to delete a particular post but then, she remained firm and unaffected; thus, she didn’t erase even a single post.

She had been accused of prioritizing her love life instead of looking after their personal problems. She responded with a positive message as she fights negativity and encouraged everyone to do the same.

“To everyone who’s been judging me, remember this, you will always see me up but never down.”

Photo: nadine/Instagram

Nadine also had her fair share of those people who doubted her talents and skills as a singer and an actress. Though she had received numerous awards and high-rating drama series in ABS-CBN, they continued to question her abilities.

However, Nadine never showed she was disturbed about this. In fact, she was even grateful to her detractors because they only encouraged her to become better each day.

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