Family Discovers Their Christmas Lechon Filled Mostly with Leaves, With No Ribs and Very Little Meat

Christmas is the time for fun parties, reunions, and exciting celebrations. And just like most special occasions in the Philippines, families order lechon which is the unquestionable ‘star’ of any Pinoy feast.

But one family in Bacolod City got the shock of their lives when the lechon they ordered for their family feast turned out to be much less than what they expected because instead of meat, it was filled with leaves!

Perhaps it’s a ‘rellyenong baboy’ instead of a lechon, eh?

Photo credit: Clint Anthony Lim / Facebook

Clint Anthony Lim angrily posted photos of the lechon they supposedly bought from Milagros Lechon (formerly Roming’s Lechon) located along Circumferential Road in Bacolod City.

According to Lim, they ordered the lechon for Php5,000 ($100) to enjoy during their Christmas eve party but it didn’t turn out to be what they had expected. The lechon did not have ribs and most of the meat was gone.

A frustrated Lim also showed that lechon was filled mostly with leaves. He said he posted the photos to warn other customers against buying lechon from the same supplier, saying his blood pressure was high not because of eating lechon but because of the lechoneros’ unscrupulous deed.

Photo credit: Clint Anthony Lim / Facebook

But netizens found the post also amusing, with many suggesting new names for the ‘new lechon dish’. Some joked that this is a ‘giant lumpia pig’ while others joked that this is actually good for the health as it is a ‘vegetable lechon’. Others said it is a vegetarian version of the lechon pig.

Because boneless lechon (roast actually made of pork belly) has also become a popular item on the menu, some said this is the ultimate version of the boneless lechon. Others joked that this is a meatless lechon.

Photo credit: Clint Anthony Lim / Facebook

Despite the jokes, however, most of the netizens were angry at the lechon dealer and said they would have returned that lechon if this happened to them.

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