Disabled Man Uses Wheelchair to Sell Ice Candy, Earns Praise for Being Hardworking Despite Condition

One disabled man would turn to selling ice candy on his wheelchair in the streets of Caloocan; for being hardworking despite his condition, he went viral and earned praise from people on social media.

Meet Tatay Albert Larion, the “Ice Candy Man” of Camarin, Caloocan City in Metro Manila, Philippines. For over 20 years, he’s been using a wheelchair to get around after becoming disabled but he did not let this condition bring him down and lead him to become a beggar.

Photo credit: Tunay na Buhay / Facebook

Instead, he converted his wheelchair so he could sell ice candy around the city. It was difficult and rather dangerous as there were a lot of fast-moving vehicles that could easily hit him if the drivers are distracted yet he plodded on, using his hands to push his wheelchair forward to sell his goods.

After his photos went viral, a lot of netizens slammed his family for letting him do this but it turned out the only family he has is his old father who is actually sick and also depends on him.

Photo credit: Tunay na Buhay / Facebook

This made netizens admire Tatay Albert more, saying he is an inspiration to many and should be the perfect example for disabled people who have lost hope that they would ever find meaning and purpose in their life.

Tatay Albert clearly shows that even disabled people have a place in society and that you can find a way to earn money and change your life, no matter how difficult your situation might be.

Photo credit: Rex Capili -Tunay na Buhay / Facebook

Kudos to you, Tatay Albert!

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