Derek Ramsay Plans to Leave Showbiz Career after Getting Married to Joanne Villablanca

Derek Ramsay considers quitting showbiz once he gets married to his non-showbiz girlfriend and has his own family. He claimed his family then becomes his priority so he is willing to sacrifice his showbiz career.

In an interview with “Showbiz Talk Ganern” in DZRH on December 18, 2017, Derek shared plans on marrying his girlfriend Joanne Villablanca. However, it’s still uncertain when their wedding will take place. He claimed he is willing to quit the showbiz industry once he got married and focus on having his own family.

Photo: banaresria/Instagram

Just like being focused on his favorite sports where he had given his full attention, Derek claimed he wanted to devote his full time to his family and willing to back down from his showbiz career. He added that getting married is a lifetime commitment so he wanted to give his all to make it stable.

However, Derek said that he is willing to consider future project offers and do movies once in a while because he really loves the showbiz industry.

Meanwhile, Derek admitted that he had not discussed this matter with Joanne but knew she will support him for whatever decision he comes up with.

Derek claimed to be very happy with the way things are currently going on in his life.

Derek stars in the movie “All of You” with Jennylyn Mercado on lead roles.  The movie is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival on December 25, directed by Dan Villegas from Quantum Films, MJM Productions, Planet Media Productions and Globe Studios.

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