Derek Ramsay Considers Settling Down with Non-Showbiz Girlfriend for 3 Years

Derek Ramsay has been in a relationship for 3 years with a non-showbiz girlfriend, Joanne Villablanca. He admitted considering settling down now that they have been living together in his house.

According to Derek, he had known Joanne so well for being together for years. In fact, this November, they’ve spent a month vacation together in Europe.

Photo: @ramsayderek11/Instagram

Derek shared that they had been living together for a year. He also shared that one guest room in his house became Sophie’s room. Sophie is Joanne’s child from her previous partner.

The 40-year-old actor also said that his priorities had already changed. When he goes to the mall, he would buy something for their home instead of buying for himself.

Meanwhile, in an interview with PEP during the grand presscon of the movie “All of You”, Derek said that he already misses his son, Austin, but he’s looking forward to being with him on Christmas Day. However, he said he was somehow worried as Austin’s passport was expiring in February and they were having a hard time getting an appointment for its renewal.

Apparently, if Austin will be coming over to the Philippines on Christmas and they can’t renew his passport, he can’t go back to Dubai and pursue his studies. Derek said he doesn’t want to skip the line of appointments in DFA as he was also thinking of other people who had spent time getting their appointments.

Photo: @ramsayderek11/Instagram

Derek starts in the movie “All of You” which is the official entry of Quantum Films, MJM Productions, Globe Studios and Planet Media Production for the Metro Manila Film Festival on December 25.

Other casts include Jennylyn Mercado, Solenn Heussaff, Rafael Rosell, Yayo Aguila, Kean Cipriano, and Sam Milby.

Photo: PEP News
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