Cops Reveal Identity of ‘Policeman’ in Road Rage Incident, Suspect Says He Likes ‘Comfortable’ Police Uniform

When photos of a heavily tattooed ‘policeman’ went viral after a road rage incident, many netizens said that he is surely not a real policeman because even if he had police stickers, ‘wang wang’, and PNP commemorative plate as well as wearing police uniform, his tattoos made the getup questionable.

The incident happened in Bonifacio Global City.

Taguig City cops investigating the incident have determined the identity of the man in the viral road rage incident to be a 36-year-old Chinese-Filipino businessman named Joseph Philip Lu Bautista.

Photo credit: Pinky Timbang Ortiz / Facebook

The PNP is now waiting for the complainant Pinky T. Ortiz to file a case against Bautista but the latter will already be facing charges for illegal use of police uniform.

Bautista admitted that he was the one in the photos on Ortiz post but denied her allegations. He defended himself in the use of the PNP uniform, saying he liked wearing the police athletic shirt because “they were comfortable”.

Photo credit: Pinky Timbang Ortiz / Facebook

Bautista confirmed he’s not a policeman but did not expound, however, why he was using a PNP commemorative plate and had PNP stickers as well as a siren on his car but it was clear, according to netizens, that he had been using this to pretend he’s a person of authority.

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