Congress OKs Salary Increase for Cops and Soldiers, MUPs to Receive Pay Hike Starting January 1

On the third and final reading, the House of Representatives voted 167-4 in favor of the measure that sought to increase the base pay of cops and soldiers to twice the current amount, as was promised by President Rodrigo Duterte during the campaign period.

Should this measure be passed into law, military and uniformed personnel (MUPs) will receive the pay hike starting January 1, 2018. Good news for the country’s hardworking uniformed personnel, right?

While the pay hike will be 100% for those with the rank of Police Officer 1 (PO1) and equivalent in the MUPs (Fire Officer 1, Jail Officer 1, Private, and Apprentice Seaman/Seaman Third Class), it would be lesser for the other ranks.

Still, despite the lower percentage increase for the higher ranks, they will still receive a substantial pay hike compared with the current base pay they are receiving.

Photo credit: Manila Channel

The pay hike will be implemented in two tranches. Those ranking up to Senior Police Officer 3 and equivalent ranks will already receive the entire pay hike in 2018 but those ranking from Senior Police Officer 4 and equivalent ranks will start receiving the full pay hike in 2019.

From the current base pay of Php14,834, PO1 and equivalent ranks will receive Php29,668 come January 1. Meanwhile, a Senior Police Officer 4 currently receiving Php27,425 will only get Php35,456 starting January 1, 2018; the amount will increase to Php38,368 starting January 1, 2019.

Based on the bill, hazard pay will be pegged at Php540 a month but provisional allowances and officers’ allowances will be removed as these were only provided while the MUPs are waiting for the pay hike.

Featured image credit: Rappler

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