Company Owner’s Driver Hits Female Worker in Davao City, Video Angers Netizens

Thousands of netizens express anger over the video of a man mauling a female worker in Davao City.

The victim, Jessa Mae Cañete, posted several photos of her injuries as well as the CCTV footage of how the suspect, a certain Ryan Ma, mauled her in front of her co-workers. What angered netizens is that not only did this man hit Jessa but the other men in the video didn’t even try to help her out or take on the angry attacker.

Photo credit: Jessa Mae Jison Cañete / Facebook

Ryan, who was identified by Jessa as the driver of the oil company’s owner, could be seen in the video approaching the group where she and her co-workers appeared to be packing some items. Without provocation, he began to hit Jessa who stood up and fought back.

In the clip, it was clear that Ryan had every intention of hitting Jessa. He didn’t even stop even when she fell to the floor. Instead, he continued hitting and kicking her, much to netizens’ disgust.

Due to the driver’s actions, Jessa sustained several injuries on her face, head, and body. The suspect has since been arrested.

Photo credit: Jessa Mae Jison Cañete / Facebook

But netizens couldn’t help but wonder why he did this to Jessa. Was he a scorned lover? No!

The victim claimed that Ryan has long hated her out of jealousy because she was able to help her brother get hired by their boss. Jessa insisted that she sees nothing with that as she was only trying to help her brother find a job.

Photo credit: Jessa Mae Jison Cañete / Facebook

Also, the suspect claimed that Jessa and her co-workers kept on talking while working but Jessa defended herself, saying even though they were talking, their hands were also busy working.

Still, even if his complaint about the ‘chatting workers’ was valid, this does not give him any right to hit Jessa at all.

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