Claudine Barretto Saves Gunshot Victim, Rushes Him to Hospital in Her Car

Two weeks ago, Filipina actress Claudine Barretto figured in yet another controversy after her maid accused her of maltreatment but netizens were pleasantly surprised to hear that she saved a stranger’s life this week.

Grateful relatives of gunshot victim Abelardo Espela told ABS-CBN News that they had rushed him to a hospital in Marikina but were refused because the hospital has not facilities for gunshot victims. Despite their pleas, the unnamed hospital would not accept Espela.

The actress was visiting someone at the hospital at the time. She went to the family upon hearing them crying and begging the hospital for help.

According to the family, Barretto offered to bring Espela to another hospital in her car!

Photo credit: Chisms

Despite Espela being covered with blood, Barretto did not hesitate to let him and his relatives ride in her car so he could be brought to another hospital. Thankfully, this saved his life as the other undisclosed hospital was able to provide him the medical care he needed.

He was immediately brought to the operating room for surgery which saved his life. Espela’s family were very grateful to Barretto for her help, knowing he could have died if she did not offer to rush him to another hospital.

Photo credit: The Optimum Star

As for the maid issue, netizens said that although they don’t like Barretto 100%, they take her side on the issue. It turned out the maid is complaining that she was asked to accompany the actress to the hospital when her job was supposedly just be a nanny to her kids. The maid also said the actress also asked her to do other jobs not related to her being a nanny.

She also accused Barretto of not giving her payment for her last day of work, the amount of which turned out to be Php200 plus the money the actress supposedly owes her for her service at the hospital. It was Raffy Tulfo who paid her the amount, saying he would also add to the money just so they won’t have to bother the actress anymore.

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