Caught on Camera: ‘Laglag-Barya’ Gang Steals Php2 Million Cash and Jewelry within Just a Few Seconds

It took a group of suspects just a few seconds to steal Php2 million worth of cash, jewelry, and other expensive items from a businesswoman who was just trying to find a parking spot outside a hospital in Pasay City, Philippines.

The incident was caught on the dashboard camera of the vehicle which happened to be following the businesswoman’s car in the parking lot.

At first glance, you wouldn’t even think there was something unusual going on at SUV in front as the group had three ladies who were quite adept in making sure the theft would not be easily noticed.

Photo credit: TV Patrol / Facebook

As with other reports of the ‘laglag-barya’ modus incidents, one man in the group approached the businesswoman who was alone at the time. He knocked on the window of the SUV and reportedly told her that there were some keys and money which fell off her vehicle from the back door.

The woman didn’t suspect this was but part of the modus operandi of the gang. She innocently went out of the vehicle to pick the coins and keys at the back of the vehicle, even opening the door just to check how these fell.

She hasn’t even finished picking up the coins when the group quickly went away as fast as they arrived. When she got back on the wheel, her bag was gone.

According to the police, the branded bag contained about Php2 million worth of cash and jewelry.

Photo credit: TV Patrol / Facebook

It would seem that the organized group didn’t pick out this woman at random. Someone must have seen her coming from the bank or knew that she was carrying a huge amount of money.

Cops are encouraging people to help with the investigation, inviting anyone with information on the suspects to call their hotline.

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