Camille Prats Delivers Baby Nala Through C-Section to Avoid Risks of Shoulder Dystocia

Kapuso star Camille Prats shared that she had difficulty with her second pregnancy. Nonetheless, she claimed no matter how difficult it may have been, she still chose to treasure the experience.

On November 22, in an interview with PEP during the launching of the SM Green Bag’s Limited at the SM Mall of Asia, Camille narrated that she had a Cesarean section when she gave birth to her second child. She said she was left with no option as it was the only way to avoid complications.

According to Camille, initially, her doctor claimed that there’s no reason why she wouldn’t be able to have a normal delivery because she was in great form and that’s how she also had her first child born, Nathan. But when the doctor found out that the baby inside her womb had wider shoulders, she never had second thoughts of doing what was best to keep her baby safe.

Camille learned that baby Nala had wide shoulders when she had her final pregnancy check-up on September 21. She said they noticed the baby was big as her torso was 40 weeks old while she was just actually at her 37th week of pregnancy.

Her doctor also found out that her blood sugar was a little higher than normal so they started monitoring her since gestational diabetes is harmful as it could cause baby’s *****. That’s the time they had decided for a C-section because the longer it takes, the baby becomes bigger and bigger.

Apparently, if the baby becomes bigger and her shoulder was wide, the doctor had to maneuver it for Camille to have a normal delivery. But then it would be risky as it could possibly break the baby’s bone which was a big no-no for Camille.

On September 22, Camille gave birth to a healthy, bouncing baby girl at 8:36 p.m. The Kapuso actress was grateful that baby Nala was healthy.

Camille concluded that she had an overwhelming experience giving birth to baby Nala.

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