Bangs Garcia on 39th Week Performs “Pregnant Dance” to Help Baby Easily Come Out

It’s a few more days to go for Bangs Garcia and husband Lloydi Birchmore to finally meet their little one. Bangs said they were so excited and thrilled as days drew near December 6 which is her expected date of delivery.

First-time mom Bangs is currently based in England. Now on her 39th week of pregnancy, she still enjoys strolling around different spots in London the whole day with her husband, Lloydi.

In her Instagram post last November 28, Bangs wrote: “Please don’t get too comfortable inside my tummy coz Mummy’s getting too heavy now baby….We are ready to meet our little Amelia Birchmore anytime soon! We love you so much! We’re so excited!!!”

Aside from doing long walks which many people believed will help pregnant women to give birth easily, Bangs is also doing “pregnant dance” as her way of ‘calling’ her baby to come out.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures which she shared on Instagram as she gave her followers a peek at her workout.

Photo: Bangs Garcia/Instagram
Photo: Bangs Garcia/Instagram
Photo: Bangs Garcia/Instagram

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Bangs had a maternity pictorial with her childhood best friend. Here are some of the pictures taken during the shoot.

Looking like a goddess, bangs captioned this photo with: “Every pregnancy should be well embraced no matter how difficult it could be at times.  We should celebrate LIFE.”

In this photo, Bangs wrote: “You never understand LIFE until it grows inside of you.”

Truly, the journey towards motherhood is amazing, surprising, fulfilling and rewarding. After all, when the pain passes, only the joy remains….

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