Ayen and Franco Laurel Welcome Third Baby Girl, Name Her Lucia Which Means ‘Graceful Light’

On November 27, actress Ayen Laurel gave birth thru cesarean section to a cute baby girl at the Makati Medical Center. Ayen and Franco couldn’t contain their happiness after setting their eyes on their youngest child who made them even happier and prouder parents.

Ayen and Franco named their baby girl, Maria Lucia Ilena. Baby Lucia, as how she was called by Franco, is the third child of Ayen and Franco.

In his Instagram account, Franco posted baby Lucia’s picture and introduced her to his followers.

Photo: jplaurel/Instagram

He posted another photo and then captioned it with: “You bring so much joy into our lives! You are truly a blessing my baby and we love you so much!”

Photo: fjlaurel/Instagram

On November 9, in an interview with PEP, the proud father explained how they’d come up with their baby’s name.
Franco explained that they chose the name, Lucia which means “graceful light”, because being the youngest in the family, baby Lucia will bring so much light and joy to their home.

In this picture, Franco wrote: “I am so in love with you my baby”.

Photo: jplaurel/Instagram

In another photo Franco shared on Instagram, he showed their three children and captioned it with “Tres Marias” naming their children, Angia, Sofia, and Lucia.

Photo: jplaurel/Instagram

In a previous interview, Franco said that they never thought of Ayen getting pregnant again after their last child who is now 3 years old. Having said that, they really considered Baby Lucia as a big blessing for their family.

Franco said he had missed his showbiz career and has plans of going back as an actor, singer, and host.  But for the mean time, he would spend most of his time taking care of Baby Lucia.

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