2013 Miss International Bea Rose Santiago Defends Mariel de Leon from Bashers, Attests She’s a Nice Person

Bb. Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon had been receiving bashings from people since the time she failed to win the crown when she represented the Philippines in the 2017 Miss International pageant. However, many celebrities had voiced out their opinions to her defense.

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Among the people who believed in Mariel, 2013 Miss International Bea Rose Santiago defended her from bashers.

In an interview with PEP News during the “Just Love” trade launch of ABS-CBN last November 28, Bea Rose attested that Mariel has been a good friend to her since they knew each other in 2013.

She added that she doesn’t believe Mariel was tactless as she personally knew her to be very nice to everybody. But then, she knew for a fact that it was given that not all people will like us or Mariel per se.

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Bea Rose shared that when she previously joined the pageant, she also had bashers. She then used the negative comments that she heard to motivate herself in becoming the best of what she could be and outshine them.

What’s her advice to Mariel? For Bea Rose, happiness is the best revenge so Mariel just needs to continue doing things which make her happy. After all, haters gonna hate!

As a beauty title holder, she claimed that there’s so much pressure in being a candidate especially if people were expecting that the successor of the reigning title holder came from the same country. However, she claimed that this mentality should not remove their confidence because that’s when they’ll start to get confused.

Photo: thefilipinaqueens/Instagram

Meanwhile, Bea Rose can be watched on ABS-CBN’s “La Luna Sangre” as a follower of “Supremo”, Richard Gutierrez, where people can see a different side of her apart from modeling and being a beauty queen. She shared that she feels amazing portraying a role because it thrills her to act like a different person.

Bea Rose concluded that her training as a beauty queen helped her to portray a different persona. Overall, she’s enjoying working with her celebrity idols while honing her skills in acting.

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