Xander Ford Doubts Kris Aquino’s Statement That She Doesn’t Know Him

Kris Aquino is known to many for her frank, straightforward and [sometimes] tactless yet honest opinions. In her recent interview regarding Xander Ford, she claims she doesn’t know him. However, Xander doesn’t want to believe that Kris is not familiar with him and thinks she is only pretending.

Photo : PEP News

During a recent video interview with PEP, Xander said he does not believe that Kris Aquino doesn’t know about him. When he was being asked: “Hindi ka naniwala na hindi ka niya kilala?

He replied with, “Opo.”

Photo: iamxanderford/Instagram

Xander claimed that perhaps even one of Kris’s friends has a social media account where he had been visible since the day he decided to have a makeover so it is possible that they had seen him and had told Kris about him. Xander also believes Kris Aquino is active on her social media account so it is possible that she had come across some news featuring him.

“Pero feeling ko po, napapanuod naman po ako ni Tita Kris.”

“Kasi siyempre, may mga anak din siya or friend, family, ganun na nagso-social media.”

“Siya din po may social media siya.”

Xander added that he doesn’t know why Kris denied knowing him and thinks she was only pretending.

“Baka po ano lang, gumawa lang siya ng content na para kunyari, hindi niya ako kilala,” Xander answered with a smile.

Xander’s reaction was based on the interview conducted by PEP with Kris Aquino who was being asked if she knows who Xander Ford is which she initially answered with, “Sino yun?

During the interview the reporter narrated Marlou’s transformation to becoming Xander Ford.  Kris Aquino also commented, “Hindi ko ma-get. Anong difference?

Photo: PEP News
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