Woman Gets Angry at Fast Food Crew, Wants the Same Product Presentation on the Product Signage

A video of a woman shouting at a fast food crew had gone viral on Facebook. Mie Mie Garcia, the uploader, explained that the reason why the woman was very angry is that she wants to receive the same product presentation of her orders as what is seen on the product signage. The management explained that the packaging was already changed because Christmas season is fast approaching.

She also added that one crew said that they are already used to her and they have already known her because she is used to making scenes from different food chains in the area. The crew added that the angry customer was rich.

Screen grab from Mie Mie Garcia’s post via Facebook

On the video, you would see that the woman was shouting on top of her lungs and giving instructions to the employees to add something on her orders she said “Oo, dalawa, gawin niyong tatlo.” We’re just not sure what she’s referring to.

Netizens sharing their sentiments on the video. Some are even making fun because of her outfit.

One netizen said “Ha ha ha [nagpapa-cute lang] yan at nambubulas! Parang nasa snow ang outfit.” (Hahaha! She’s trying to be cute and just bullying. As if she’s in the snow wearing that outfit.)

Screen grab from Mie Mie Garcia’s post via Facebook

One is sceptical with her wealth “Mayaman pala yan? Eh [di] nga? Haha [gigil niyo si ate].” (Are you sure she’s rich? Really? You’re pissing her.)

Screen grab from Mie Mie Garcia’s post via Facebook

One even suggested to bring her to Raffy Tulfo, a famous broadcast journalist, to teach her a lesson. “Dapat [diyan] masermonan ni Raffy Tulfo… Nang maturuan ng leksyon…” (Someone should bring her to Raffy Tulfo, to teach her some lesson.)

Screen grab from Mie Mie Garcia’s post via Facebook

The uploader applauded the crew of the fast food chain for handling the situation well and not losing their temper despite all the bad things the woman said to them. As of press time, the video has been shared more than 5,000 times.


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