Vice Ganda Slams ‘Insensitive’ Netizen Who Tweeted About the ***** of Hashtag Franco

Fans and friends were very shocked when It’s Showtime’s all-male group Hashtag’s member, Franco Hernandez, died at the age of 26 due to a drowning incident.

Franco Miguel Hernandez Lumanlan became an official member of the Hashtags in February and was introduced as “Hataw Heartthrob.”

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In the midst of their grief, pain and longing, one of Franco’s close friend, Jose Marie Viceral or better known as Vice Ganda was greatly affected by what had happened. On his Twitter account, he expressed emotions through a series of tweets saying:

“Tragic. This is just so heartbreaking. Oh my God!”

“Ito yung pagkakataon na hinihiling kong sana ito ang fake news. Sana [lang] please.”

“It’s [6 a.m] here. Still [can’t] sleep. My tears [won’t] stop falling.”

Image from: Philippine News

While Vice’s fans are trying to comfort him and sending their condolences, one ‘insensitive’ netizen tweeted such insensitive post that made the comedian mad.

A Twitter user named Pia Kim tweeted:

“[Bakit] si Franco pa yung namatay [hindi na lang] si Jon Lucas. #RIPFrancoHernandez”

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Jon Lucas is another member of the Hashtags.

Vice Ganda retweeted Pia Kim’s post several times and said that she must wait for him to get back to the Philippines as he wants to see her personally and wants to hear Pia Kim’s tweets coming from her personally. He also said that he won’t allow anyone to do such disrespectful acts to those people who are dear to him.

The controversial tweet further went viral and more netizens got furious about the user’s insensitive tweet.

Fans of Vice Ganda were able to find the Facebook account of Pia Kim and it seems that she made a post regarding Vice’s answers to her tweet.

Image from @shemtooii via Twitter
Screengrab from Pia KimMendoza’s Facebook account via Facebook

She then deleted her controversial tweet and later deleted her account.

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