This Filipina Stewardess’ Final Wish is to Be Buried Wearing Her Flight Uniform Because She Loves Her Job So Much

We all have a different dream job when we were kids. Some wanted to be a doctor someday, or a lawyer. Some wanted to be a businessman or a police or even a soldier. We know how fulfilling it is once we fulfilled our dreams and finally live that life that we have always dreamed of.

Joy Fernandis was a Filipina stewardess in Saudi Arabia’s official airlines – Saudia. Back when she was a child, she always wanted to be a flight attendant; so when she finally achieved her dream, she was very happy.

Unfortunately, at a very young age, she was diagnosed with leukemia, resulting in her not fully enjoying her dream job. Knowing that she will die anytime soon, she expressed her final wish to be buried in her Saudia flight uniform because she loved her job so much.

“Joy died of leukemia. Before her *****, she asked her family to bury her in the Saudia uniform because she loved her job. This is very impressive loyalty,” Saudia’s assistant general manager of public relations, Abdul Rahman al Fahd said.

He also tweeted “Goodbye, Joy,” on his Twitter account, according to ‘Ajel’ newspaper.

She was known to be a happy and loveable woman by people dear to her and as a devoted employee and was vocal about how much she loves her job.

Joy died way back in 2015 but her loyalty and her story still lives on.

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