Sunshine Cruz Inspires Moms to Stay Fit and Live a Healthier Life

“Wildflower” star Sunshine Cruz serves as an inspiration to mothers to take care of themselves and live a healthier life as part of her advocacy in staying fit. In every selfie photo showing her sexy figure she uploads on social media, it attracts positive comments from mothers who look forward to achieving the body that she has.

Photo: sunshinecruz718/Instagram

In an interview with PEP, Sunshine said she wanted to inspire mothers to take care of themselves and still be very healthy for their kids. She added that being a mother doesn’t mean one should let go of being physically fit and healthy.

Sunshine shared she had been watching her weight while working on Wildflower and claimed that she had lost 15 pounds already. However, she admitted that at the start of the taping, she was unaware that she had gained weight because she used to wear loose and oversized clothes in playing the role of “Camia”, the mother of “Lily Cruz”.

From 135-136 lbs, Sunshine now weighs 118-120 lbs, her ideal weight and has maintained her 25-inch waistline.

Photo: sunshinecruz718/Instagram

Sunshine is into spinning, boxing or Zumba as her workout three to four times a week. Her advice is to find an exercise routine that a person aspiring to be fit and healthy will look forward to. She also said it is important to enjoy the kind of workout that they choose.

Photo: sunshinecruz718/Instagram

With regard to her diet, the 40-year-old actress shared she mostly eats protein and fewer carbs. However, she also gives in to her cravings every weekend which serves as her “cheat days”.

Sunshine concluded that it is very important for mothers to stay focused and to set their priorities to look good and healthy not only for themselves but more for their children.

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