Poser Netizen Digs Up Drama in #Franco Love Life

A video entitled “NICA NOLASCO INAAWAY NGA BA SI JANICA NAM? PANOORIN!” has garnered more than 47,000 views.

The YouTube channel, WhatzTrend, posted a video containing screenshots of a Twitter account posing as Nica Nolasco, Franco Hernandez’s ex-girlfriend, suggesting her and Franco are still together. Many netizens believe that ‘Nica’ may be digging up old history against Janica Nam, Franco’s current girlfriend.

Image capture of video via WHATZTREND’s Youtube Account

The video, posted on November 22, included romantic pictures and messages of Franco and Nica together—under the Twitter handle, @MicoNica050115.

It can be noted that this account was just created last November 20, 2017.


Supporters of Franco and Janica were enraged upon seeing the posts, believing it to be an alter account of Nica—using it to stir up bad blood with Janica Nam.

However, some Twitter users were quick to deduce that this was nothing but smearing posts by a fraudulent account.

In an effort to defend herself, Nica Nolasco used her one and only Twitter account, @zsarinadanica, to clear up the mess and confusion floating around in the Twitter-sphere.

She tweeted, “HINDI AKO GUMAGAWA NG IBANG ACCOUNT!!! Kung gusto ko manira at magpapansin sana dati pa.”

Image capture of video via WHATZTREND’s Youtube Account

[I [HAVE] NOT MADE ANOTHER ACCOUNT!!! If I wanted to smear and get attention, then [I] should’ve done it before.]

Nica also claimed that she and Janica Nam are fine, and that there’s no reason to spread lies about the two of them or about Franco.

She posted a screenshot of her conversation with Janica to prove that they’re fine. Janica even allowed her to attend Franco’s wake.

Of course you can visit him. Naging part ka din ng buhay ni mico. Kalimutan na natin yung past wala na yun sakin,” Janica replied to her message.

Image via Franco Hernandez’s Twitter Account, Nica Nolasco’s Facebook account and Nam Floresca’s Instagram account

…You were part of Mico’s (Franco) life, too. Let’s forget about the past—it’s nothing to me.

This just goes to show that, while Franco had many supporters and fanatics to his name, there are equally as much who take advantage of his ***** for cheap fame.

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