Pinoy Swims in Flood Waters to Rescue Elderly Saudi Man, Earns Praise for Heroic Deed

While a lot of Filipinos are used to floods, there are many nations that don’t experience regular flooding; thus, their citizens and officials are unsure of what to do during such emergencies.

In Saudi, a Filipino guy was lauded for rescuing an elderly Saudi man who was trapped in his car in the middle of the flooded street. But though he thought it wasn’t a big deal and that he was only doing what he thought was right, the Filipino was hailed a hero.

Photo credit: saud AL-Otaibi / YouTube

The Pinoy guy was identified as David Balendo.

At first, Balendo was just among the onlookers who were watching officers of the Civil Defense who were trying to rescue the elderly Saudi man trapped in his car. The Saudi man was standing inside the car, half of his body out of the window but unsure of what to do.

Several rescue vehicles were waiting on higher ground while Civil Defense rescuers gingerly treaded the elevated concrete area as they tried to find a way to reach the trapped man. Seeing that the rescuers were having a hard time and were unsure of what to do next, Balendo got out of his car and swam towards the Saudi man’s vehicle.

Photo credit: saud AL-Otaibi / YouTube

He took the life vest thrown by the rescuers and gave it to the Saudi man. Afterwards, he got the man out of his car and carried him to safety. While the Saudi man got wet as his lower body got dipped in the flood waters, he was definitely grateful to be out of his stalled vehicle and standing on safe ground again.

According to Balendo, he asked the rescuers before he helped the elderly man; they told him they were waiting for the flood waters to subside, possibly also afraid they might get swept away if the current becomes stronger.

Watch the video of the rescue here:

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