Pinay Takes Home Php1 Million after Winning as Best Nanny in the UAE

One Filipina is set to retire with Php1 million after winning as best nanny in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She also won plane tickets for home, courtesy of Air Arabia.

According to a report on Filipino Times, the award was given by Rise, a wealth management platform for migrant workers. This year, the award was given to 44-year-old Melanie Manansala, a Filipina. This has made a lot of Filipinos proud, especially because last year’s winner was also a Filipina, 29-year old Lorina Bunio.

Photo credit: Filipino Times

Melanie has worked in the UAE for over 20 years. Her first employers were a Lebanese family whom she served for 12 years. Their working relationship was so great that they still remain friends and continue to communicate with each other even after Melanie has found new employers.

I’m so happy with the award, I almost can’t believe it! I already [have] savings for my retirement, which I believe is very important, and every nanny should do so too.”

“With this prize, my dream can come true to open a supermarket in my home country after my retirement as a nanny,” she excitedly revealed.

Photo credit: Filipino Times

Just like many other nannies and domestic helpers like her, Melanie admits that there are people who look down on their job but she feels proud of what she is doing. Not only is it a decent job that gives her good compensation, it also makes her feel happy to be around kids.

She said, “I think I am proud of my job because I love what I’m doing. I like being with children, they return the love that you give to them.

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