Netizen Shares Her Hilarious ‘Sabaw’ Moment When She Absentmindedly Gives Out Change in Jeep

We all have our ‘sabaw’ moments. This moment usually happens when we either don’t feel like ourselves or having a lot going through our minds. This may result in doing something we never intend to do. Being preoccupied usually leads ourselves doing something embarrassing but, sometimes, worth sharing on social media.

Image: News Portal

This happened to Armin Sta. Maria, one day she sat beside the jeepney driver’s seat and didn’t realize that she’s already assisting the driver in accepting fares and giving out change.

A passenger who was probably sitting behind her was handing a 20-peso bill; without second thought, she took the money and gave the change. The funny thing is, Armin is not a family member, nor do they know each other. She just realized what she was doing when the driver laughed and asked her if she’s giving the right amount.

Image from Armin Sta Maria via Facebook

She posted this really hilarious experience on her Facebook account wherein it was shared more than 4,500 times and gained reactions from more than 17,000 people.

The funny thing is, the new generations of today are giving a new term for people who hand out the fares and change – the one who usually sits near the driver, they call it “OJT”. Some people do not want to be located in the area where the “OJT” sits because they will have no choice but to hand out the fares and change.

So, netizens find this really funny because Armi seemed to volunteer herself as an OJT. Some are sharing their own embarrassing moments and some people said that this also happened to them.

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