Mother Asks Help About Her Son Who’s Driving Her Out of Their Home

In the Philippines, it is expected that we should take care of our parents when they get older – it’s our tradition. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened to a mother named Carmelita Maloles.

She asked help from the popular radio show “Raffy Tulfo in Action” to settle the clash with her son, Paul Maloles, because according to her, Paul was demanding for her to leave their house.

Screen grab from Raffy Tulfo in Action via Facebook Video

In the video, Raffy was able to call Paul and according to him, the reason why he had been driving his mother out of their residence because he learned that his mother had been tricking him.

He is also claiming that his mother was in a relationship with Richard Maloles and all the money that his mother earns was only spent on him. He also said that his mother sold her ancestral home which she inherited from her parents and the money that she got from selling the ancestral home was used to buy a new house which allegedly Paul said was placed under her mother and her partner’s name.

Screen grab from Raffy Tulfo in Action via Facebook Video

On the contrary, Carmelita said that Richard was living in Pampanga and no longer in touch with her and her ex-husband (maybe, Paul’s father) has a different family now. Carmelita also denied ever spending a dime on Richard; she added that his mother is an OFW that’s why he can buy a house and a car.

Both parties denied fixing their feud when Raffy asked if they can just settle the situation.

Trisha Maloles, Paul’s wife, suggested that they can just live separately so that they can all live in peace.

So, Raffy talked to the landlady where Carmelita will be moving in and he answered all the expenses that she’ll be needing, including the 3 months deposit for the house and the car rental that she’ll be using to move her things.

Watch the full episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action:

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Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Friday, November 3, 2017

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