Matteo Guidicelli Hopes and Prays Sarah Geronimo is “The One” for Him

Photo: matteoguidicelli/Instagram

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli’s romantic relationship is one of those which stood the test of time amidst controversies and struggles in the showbiz industry.

No wonder many netizens are hoping they both found “the one” in each other just like any other celebrity couples who ended up tying the knot.

On Monday, in an episode of “Tonight With Boy Abunda”, Guidicelli was asked if he believes Geronimo is “the one” for him.

“I pray, and yes, yes, yes.”

Photo: matteoguidicelli/Instagram

According to the 27-year-old singer and actor, he had learned a lot of things from Geronimo.

“Sarah is teaching me how to appreciate the basics, the very simple things that sometimes we forget to appreciate.”

Photo: matteoguidicelli/Instagram

He also said that if he will be given the chance to go back again in his past relationships, he would choose Geronimo to be his first girlfriend.

“When you find your love, when you find that person, you cannot go two days or three days without talking to her.”

“You need her, alam mo ‘yon?”

Since there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, Guidicelli admitted they do quarrel at times but they managed to fix it right away. He emphasized that their relationship is one worth keeping.

In his previous interview with ABS-CBN, he was asked if Geronimo did not get jealous of Kim Chiu who happened to be his recent leading lady in Star Cinema’s “The Ghost Bride”.

He said Geronimo knows that he and Kim were really good friends ever since they started 11 years ago.

Photo: matteoguidicelli/Instagram

Nonetheless, Guidicelli claimed that his relationship with Geronimo is going strong.

With the way this humble guy smiles, one will know he really has a “colorful” love life.