Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo Feel Mixed Emotions for the Arrival of Their First Baby

Kaye Abad has been staying in Cebu after getting married with former PBB housemate Paul Jake Castillo. She will be exactly 37 weeks pregnant on December 20 and will soon be a mother to a baby boy.

Photo : YouTube video screen shot/#kayelovesaprica

On October 28, Kaye had a baby shower and gender reveal party organized by Aprica held in Marco Polo Plaza in Cebu City.  It was attended by close friends and family members who share the same excitement with the coming of their first born.

Though both of them don’t know the exact date when Kaye will be giving birth, they had predicted their baby may come out on December 22 which happens to be Paul Jake’s birthday.  If that would be the case, Paul Jake threw a joke that Kaye should already change her birth date which falls on May 17, so they may all celebrate their birthdays on the same date.

“Feeling ko December 22. Babaguhin na rin birthday niya (Kaye), e, para isahan na,” said Jake.

Even if they are staying in Cebu, Kaye said that she will be going back to Manila on the second week of November because they want her to give birth in Manila.

“Yes, dun ako manganganak.”

“I’m going back to Manila baka mga second week of November.”

Photo : PEP

Meanwhile, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other showbiz reporters present in the baby shower interviewed Kaye about her pregnancy.

Kaye admitted that she is feeling quite nervous about going into labor and giving birth so she stopped watching movies showing how women give birth which she previously enjoyed.

“Excited ako, at the same time, natatakot ako.  Dati nanonood ako ng mga nanganganak.  Pero nung nabuntis ako, tinigil ko kasi natatakot ako.”

“You will never know what can happen. But I always pray na normal and no complications. Sana okey lahat.”

But then her husband is always on her side to assure her that she can definitely give birth successfully just like any other mother did.

Photo : SunStar

What Paul Jake is certain of is that he is scared of watching Kaye while giving birth, unlike other husbands who even take a video of their baby while being delivered and they were the ones who cut their own baby’s umbilical cord.

It’s not that he is scared of blood.  Paul Jake justified that he is afraid of cutting his baby’s umbilical cord which he might mess up.

Kaye Abad and Paul Jake were married on December 9, 2016.

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