Hospital Guard Takes Pity on Patient Confined for 3 Weeks, Donates Blood to Save Her Life

The family of a patient confined at a hospital in Las Piñas, Philippines expressed heartfelt thanks to a security guard who helped save her life.

The grandmother of netizen Mica Austria has been confined at the Las Piñas Doctors Hospital for 3 weeks. This has certainly taken a toll on the family’s finances and emotions, especially because the old lady was still sick and in need of blood transfusion but they could not find a donor for Type O+ blood.

Photo credit: Mica Austria / Facebook

While Mica’s mom was crying outside the hospital, probably not wanting her mother to see her feeling down, a guard took notice and decided to console her. Security Guard Ryan Enriquez Lomocso asked Mica’s mom what was wrong, pointing out that he noticed they had been at the hospital for about 3 weeks.

Photo credit: Mica Austria / Facebook

Mica’s mom admitted that, indeed, her mom has been confined at the hospital for 3 weeks and that they were having a rather difficult time finding a blood donor.

After learning that the old patient is Type O+, the guard immediately told Mica’s mom not to worry because he’s going to donate blood for them. He accompanied her to the laboratory so they can process the necessary papers for the blood donation.

Photo credit: Mica Austria / Facebook

Hours later, SG Ryan’s blood was transfused to Mica’s grandmother, much to the family’s gratitude.

Knowing the sacrifice SG Ryan did for her grandmother, Mica posted the story on social media and thanked him for his kind action which saved the old lady’s life.

Photo credit: Mica Austria / Facebook

As expected, the story went viral, with people praising the guard for going beyond the call of duty to save the old lady’s life.

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