Heart Evangelista Confesses Someone is Behind Her Bashers on Social Media, Admits Being Locked Inside Her Room and Threatened 6 Years Ago

GMA Kapuso star Heart Evangelista aired her sentiments against a certain personality who allegedly threatened her 6 years ago. The identity of whom Heart refused to divulge in public.

According to Heart, this person was the reason why she had so many bashers who had been throwing false accusations on her on social media.

One of them was a certain @kaynegh who repeatedly called her “baog” on Instagram.

The said comment can be seen in the comments section of Heart’s post on Instagram last Tuesday, November 14.

Heart wrote:

“This account is a classic example of the many accounts created to basically hurt me and my family.”

“Its been happening for almost 6 years now after an incident where I was locked in a room and told that ‘this’ would happen to me if I told anyone anything.”

Photo: iamhearte/Instagram

However, Heart did not name who that person is and why she had been threatened. It wasn’t even clear if she chose to remain silent after she was locked up inside her room.

But then, Heart emphasized that she chose not to talk about it because she knew in the end, she will be vindicated.

“I have remained quiet because I know the truth and believe God will deal with the rest…”

“Because the battle isn’t mine to fight but His.

Another post by a basher was seen last November 13 by @manyaksiheart who posted “khit kailan di ka na mgkakaanak.”

Photo: iamhearte/Instagram
Photo: iamhearte/Instagram

Heart appealed to her solid fans to just ignore the malicious posts of her bashers and refrain from engaging in arguments.

She also reminded them not to use foul and harsh words on social media.

“So I ask one more time to pls ignore, pls don’t fight back, pls don’t be like them.

“Because at the end of the day as my ‘fans’ you should carry my heart …

“It is hard but if I can do it and take it in for almost 6 years… You can too.

“God has been good to me so let it be. Thank you.”

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