Grieving Husband Makes Wife Wear Wedding Gown in Coffin, So He Can ‘Propose’ to Her in Heaven

Death is something that is inevitable yet many of us are unprepared when it happens to our loved ones, especially if that person wasn’t even sick before his or her sudden passing.

This is what happened to Aldrin Talplacido whose wife Angel Garcia-Talplacido died just a few days after their first wedding anniversary. She had not been sick but she suffered a heart attack, spent hours in ICU, and never woke up again.

As a way of celebrating their marriage even in her death, Aldrin made Angel wear her wedding gown in her coffin so that when the time comes, he can ‘propose’ to her in heaven and they could get married in front of the Lord.

Photo credit: Carl Pascua / Facebook

The couple’s friend and counselor Carl Pascua shared their love story on Facebook, detailing how the two shared a rather rocky relationship even when they were first starting out as college freshmen at Araullo University in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

Photo credit: Carl Pascua / Facebook

A number of people didn’t even think the relationship would last because Aldrin and Angel were always fighting. In fact, there were many times when they would break up yet they would eventually get back together again and give their love another shot.

Carl was among their close friends and advisers, the one they would run to when they have problems in their relationship. He would always tell them that no matter how difficult the situation, they could always make their relationship better if they fight for their love and open their communication lines.

During the Color Cabanatuan Run wherein Carl was the host, Aldrin proposed to Angel in front of over 2,000 runners. Carl would also be part of the wedding planning team and played host during the wedding.

Photo credit: Carl Pascua / Facebook

The union would produce a son for the couple. But little did they know that their now joyous relationship would take a turn for worse just a week after they celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Photo credit: Carl Pascua / Facebook

While going out to buy things to celebrate their son’s second month, Angel suffered from chest pains. At first, she was cleared by doctors to go home but Aldrin would rush her back to the hospital. She was taken to ICU where doctors spent hours trying to keep her alive but after four times of heart failure, doctors called Aldrin and told him they would try to revive her one last time.

He was there as she took her last breath.

Photo credit: Carl Pascua / Facebook

It was heartbreaking but Aldrin would later decide to let Angel wear her wedding gown, explaining to Carl that he chose to do that so he could propose to her when they meet in heaven. When that happens, it would be the Lord who would marry them and their union would truly become the ‘forever’ they had always wanted…

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