#GiveLove Looking Out for Lola, Young Girl Moves Hearts of Netizens

Some netizens have reported seeing the elderly woman roam the streets, selling anything she can to provide for her family.

It’s an unvarnished truth that Filipinos are known to be compassionate and family-type of people. There is a particular soft spot in their hearts for their lolos and lolas, the lovable grandpas and grandmas of Philippine society. That’s why it’s hard-breaking to see any lolo or lola working, especially in pain.

Fellow netizen, Yves Yaña L. Vasquez, shared her story on Facebook when she met Lola Marcela.

Image via Yev Yaña L. Vasquez’ Facebook Page

According to Yves, she met Lola on her way to school when she noticed an elderly woman walk behind their house. She apparently had one hand covering her teary face and another carrying a chicken. Yves’ mother asked Lola what was wrong and why was she crying. Her response was: “I have to ask for your help, hija.”

Today I witnessed a heartbreaking story of an old woman. Let me share it to you… Bago ako pumasok sa school, may…

Posted by Yev Yaña L. Vasquez on Monday, November 20, 2017

Lola Marcela said that her husband died some time ago, but unfortunately she can’t afford to pay off his funeral payments. On top of that, Lola reportedly said that the father of her grandchildren had been murdered and their mother is in Manila barely sending enough money. That’s why, she said, she has to sell them a chicken to try and save up for her and her grandchildren.

Yves said that her mother paid for the chicken and gave half of their groceries to help out Lola.

Napaiyak na naman siya at sobrang nagpapasalamat. Ang gaan sa pakiramdam na makatulong ka sa ‘yong kapwa.”

[Lola couldn’t help but cry and be sincerely thankful. It feels heartening to help out others]

Image via Yev Yaña L. Vasquez’ Facebook Page

Yves ended her post with the hashtag #GiveLove—her story reminds us that true ‘love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own’.

Read the full story by Yev on her Facebook page.

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