Former House Cleaner Becomes Hotel Owner, Shares Inspiring Rags-to-Riches Story

We’ve seen a lot of movies and TV soap operas wherein the protagonist goes from poor, oppressed person to a rich, powerful character ready to exact revenge upon the people who treated him/her badly in the past or just become rich enough to show these people how things have changed for the better.

While these are just stories that are products of the show writers’ imagination, there are times when things happen in a similar manner in real life.

Such is the testimony of Josephine Floresca, a single mom who had once been a house cleaner to several Taiwanese families in Subic, Zambales in the Philippines. Today, she co-owns a popular resort hotel named Le Charmé Suites in the same place. Isn’t that inspiring?

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Things weren’t always easy for Josephine. As a single mom who was trying to make ends meet and feed her three children, Josephine worked as house cleaner, also juggling other jobs like working as hotel receptionist as well as real estate agent.

On her spare time, she also tutored kids. She had the advantage of knowing how to speak Taiwanese, something she learned from working in a factory in Taiwan back when she was younger.

She also offered massage services. It seems that she was always busy at work but she always made time for her kids, bringing her three girls along on her cleaning jobs so they can have a taste of the rich life.

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Just like poor movie characters, she had her fair share of “Balang araw, magkaka-ganito rin ako. Balang araw, ganito ang bahay ko.

The dad of one kid she was tutoring realized her potential. He became an investor so she could work on real estate development. She eventually landed a job as executive assistant in Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, something that gave her the right connections.

From being house cleaner, who would have thought she would be handling 101 housing units for lease and sale? But things didn’t stop there.

They eventually acquired the La Terraza Building on Subic Bay Freeport Zone. They would turn it into a chic hotel.

Josephine personally designed the rooms in such a way that these would be chic, with a European theme yet with a touch of classic Pinoy hospitality. The hotel had an excellent location close to malls, factory outlets, spas, and restaurants, making it a great option for travelers to choose.

The rooms were also spacious and equipped with LED lights, centralized aircons, marble-tiled bathrooms, and imported furniture.

Photo credit: PEP

So, who would have thought a house cleaner would become a hotel owner, huh?

Her answer to that, “Whatever it is you do, wherever you are, whatever stage you are in, if you won’t make it good, then don’t do it.

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