Family Accuses NAIA Staff of Trying to Steal Boy’s Expensive Smartwatch, But CCTV Footage Proves Them Wrong

A ‘balikbayan’ family traveling back to the US after a short vacation in the Philippines became alleged victims of attempted theft at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) but after their story went viral, airport authorities released CCTV footage of the incident to prove that the staff had done nothing wrong.

In a post on Facebook, Jorge Hizon narrated that his sister’s grandchild lost his expensive Apple smartwatch after airport staff told him to put it in the basket for x-ray. According to his post, it took 30 minutes for the staff to find the gadget – and only when the family complained a lot and caused a ruckus.

The incident happened last October 20.

Photo credit: GMA News / YouTube

As expected, Hizon’s post went viral, with many people ******* the airport staff and sharing their own experiences of supposed theft at the NAIA.

But Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal cried foul over the viral report, revealing that based on their investigation, the alleged theft did not happen at all.

The agency later released CCTV footage of the incident, showing the kid taking off his watch and putting it on the space next to the x-ray machine; although it wasn’t clear whether he placed it inside a basket or not.

When the family claimed their belongings, they did cause a ruckus at the area but the staff immediately helped them out and the item was found within 3 minutes, not 30 minutes as the post claimed. According to Montreal, it was unfair for the staff to be accused of theft when they had done nothing wrong.

Watch this report on the incident:

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