Erwan Uploads the Real Engagement Video He Let Anne Watch Before Popping the Big Question

Team Erwan and Anne are rejoicing with their engagement and very much excited for the marriage ceremony.

While everyone are waiting for the photos of the dashing bride, Anne’s fiance and now husband, Erwan Heusaff, uploaded a video entitled “The Real Engagement Video” on Saturday. The video consists of their sweet moments from their different travels all over the world, making the netizens kilig and bringing the “It’s Showtime” host to tears.


Before Erwan went down on his knees and asked her hand in marriage, he handed her a tablet and played the video for her to watch.

In an article published in Preview magazine, Erwan opened up why he loves Anne. He wrote a heartfelt note, listing Anne’s best traits that fans rarely get to see.

“What you don’t see is what I have the privilege to be party to every day, from how she cares for her family, anonymously helps strangers in need, builds classrooms, takes care of her oldest dog, cries in front of sad news and videos on Facebook, takes pictures with more people than I would ever have the patience for, to leaving toothpaste on my toothbrush when we travel because she knows I never bring some.”

The couple got engaged in December 2016. The couple treated their guests to a pre-wedding welcome picnic on Saturday.

The Real Engagement Video

Last year we released a video announcing our engagement. Everyone was wondering what she was watching on the tablet before i popped the question. This is the last 2 mins of that 15 minute video. Gearing up for our next big step.#TheWanForAnne

Posted by Erwan Heussaff on Saturday, November 11, 2017

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