DOTA Versus Girlfriend Will Always Be a Tough Choice, What Would You Choose?

DOTA or Defense of the Ancients is a free multiplayer online battle arena wherein two teams occupy each base to defend their own base on the map. It is also a common online game to most millennials and can be a source of problem in a relationship, especially when your partner is really serious about his ‘gaming’ career.

Being a DOTA player is actually a profession. In fact, there is an actual competition wherein teams from all over the world fight for a huge amount of prize. Last year, the prize was about $100 million.

In a Facebook video that had gone viral, a guy was given a 5-minute countdown to finish his game or else his girlfriend will be mad.

Screen grab from Wasak via Facebook video

In the video, she’s beginning to be impatient as she folds her arms across her chest; her boyfriend who was wearing a basketball jersey was still in the game. The person who was taking the video was adding fuel to the fire as she becomes furious.

You would notice that he looks frustrated with how the game was turning out and, of course, he wanted to finish the game immediately because he knows his girlfriend will be mad if he will disobey her.

Screen grab from Wasak via Facebook video

A few minutes more, it seems like the boyfriend became excited because it seems like their team will win the match. Unfortunately, the time is up and the girlfriend stood up and switched off the computer. The guy was left in shock and just laughed at what had happened.

Indeed, DOTA versus Girlfriend will always be a very tough choice to make.

Watch the entire clip here.

PANOORIN: DOTA o si GF 😂© Mark Angelo P. 🎥

Posted by WASAK on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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