Dennis Laurel Shares What Getting Fewer Hours of Sleep Did to Her Health

As a celebrity, Denise Laurel admitted to sleeping late at night or getting fewer hours of sleep because of showbiz commitments. She then felt something was wrong with her body and realized it was all because of not having enough sleep and because of an unhealthy diet.

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When Denise felt her body’s health was at risk, she got confused because she had been living a healthy lifestyle. She said she has been working out regularly and she feels totally healthy.

“I was younger, fit, because I exercise, what could go wrong, right?”

However, she also said that she tends to work so much even if it’s too much for her body to take.

When she had her medical check-up, Denise was surprised upon learning that she had cysts in several organs of her body when the results reveal a mass in her breast, lymph nodes, and ovaries.


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Denise said she suddenly realized the reason for her sickness was not having enough sleep and always “puyat”.

The cysts were not taken out completely from her body but she said she’s taking her time to recover. She added that she had already taken out about half of the cysts inside her breast. However, she said she doesn’t like operations so she’s doing it little by little, no rush.

“And I’m not taking any medication because it messes with your system. And I wanna be good, energetic mom for my son.”

Denise is a mother of 5-year-old son, Alejandro.

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Denise said she now gets enough sleep and already changed her diet to no sugar and less sodium.

“Do not take sleep for granted. I also catch naps whenever I can.”

 “Masaya pa rin ang buhay.” 

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