Daniel Matsunaga Complains about PAL’s Poor Customer Service After Valuables Get Stolen During Singapore-Manila Flight

Japanese Brazilian Kapamilya actor Daniel Matsunaga expressed disappointment on a theft incident during his three-and-a half-hour-flight via the Philippine Airlines (PAL) from Singapore to Manila on November 21. Daniel said PAL was allegedly not doing anything after he had complained about the incident.

Photo: dandanmatsunaga/Instagram

According to Daniel, he was sleeping during his flight when an unidentified culprit stole his wallet and pertinent documents in his bag. Daniel immediately reported it to a staff but, then, they were did not take any action regarding his complaint.

On November 22, the Kapamilya star posted the said incident on his Instagram account.


“Yesterday night wen i was flying back from singapore to manila on the flight PR508 someone stole my wallet and all my documents from my bag while i was sleeping.”

“if anyone found it somewhere or knows anybody that can do something about it or help me pls feel free to send an email pls at [email protected]…”

“i just need my documents pls…”

“the airline didnt do anything about it and it is very sad that things like that can happen inside the plane and they dont have any cameras inside to protect your stuff…”

“had to enter Ph as a tourist because even my icard and all was there. #HASSLE”

In the comments section of Daniel’s post, PAL’s official IG account left a message for him.

Photo: flypal/Instagram

Daniel replied to the comment saying he had been waiting already for more than 1 day and still, nobody was getting in touch with him.

Photo: dandanmatsunaga/Instagram

As of this writing, PAL’s explanation has not been heard.

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