Couple Tries to Find Sampaguita Seller They Used to Help, Discovers Him Working at Jollibee

In the Philippines, particularly in the busy streets of Manila, you can find a lot of kids and even adults selling sampaguita as well as other items.

There are those who buy the sampaguita garlands to use in home altars but there are others who simply do it to help these kids out, believing it is better to buy the garlands from a kid seller than hand out their money to a beggar [the latter is actually a violation of the anti-mendicancy law].

Now, Rhyzz Canasa-Balanday and her husband were regulars at a Jollibee Baliuag in Baliuag, Bulacan. Many times they would buy from a kid selling sampaguita outside the store, helping the kid earn some cash to meet his needs.

Photo credit: TV Patrol

This kid was later identified as Adriane Niel Cuarte Igana who began selling sampaguita outside the Jollibee outlet when he was still 11 years old. Almost every day, Rhyzz would buy sampaguita to help Adriane, even when the young kid has turned into a teen.

Adriene didn’t feel the least bit ashamed of selling sampaguita even though he was already a teenager. All he knew was that this would help bring food to their table.

One day, Rhyzz and her husband went back to Jollibee but wondered why they could no longer find the sampaguita vendor outside.

Photo credit: Rhyzz Canasa – Balanday  – Facebook

In a post on Facebook, Rhyzz narrated that she and her husband had gone to their favorite Jollibee outlet but the place was filled with people. They only found one vacant table but it was filled with food waste and used utensils.

While a crew member cleaned up the mess, Rhyzz’s husband asked her about the sampaguita vendor they no longer saw outside the store.

The crew member butted in the conversation and said, “Wala na po sya kasi po andito na po ako sa loob.” (He’s no longer outside because he’s already [working] inside.)

It turned out the young Jollibee crew clearing the table was that teen who has been selling sampaguita to them! It was such a heartwarming revelation that Rhyzz just had to post it on Facebook, knowing the kid would serve as an inspiration for others.

The story went viral, with many people not just praising Adriene but also offering donations to help him achieve his goals of completing his college education and later on becoming a Jollibee store manager or even an owner of his own restaurant business.

Good luck, Adriene!

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